Rosen Method Bodywork — Emotions suppressed by tension in the body.

This bodywork is certainly one better experienced than explained.  If a larger majority of the general population experienced this work, I can say without a doubt it would revolutionize therapeutic work as we know it today.

Why something so profound and effective still remains less than mainstream is unclear to me.

Rosen Method is most definitely therapeutic.  For those undergoing the process of any type of psychotherapy, yet find it difficult to access their emotions, Rosen Method bodywork could very well be the best option to lead them towards processing deep felt, and/or long held unconscious emotion.  This bodywork supports people in discovering how to get out of the neuroses of their heads, and begin feeling their bodies more–which can potentially lead to a deeper awareness of unconscious muscle tension, and both the feelings and experiences that have been suppressed by that tension.

For those who have tried massage therapy and talk therapy — yet still feel there is something else out there that can aid them with not only personal evolvement, but also get to the root of muscular aches and pains –then Rosen Method bodywork should sincerely be considered as the next essential step for their process of healing.

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